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org.bukkit.entity.TNTPrimed Interface Reference
Inheritance diagram for org.bukkit.entity.TNTPrimed:
org.bukkit.entity.Explosive org.bukkit.entity.Entity org.bukkit.metadata.Metadatable

Public Member Functions

void setFuseTicks (int fuseTicks)
int getFuseTicks ()
Entity getSource ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from org.bukkit.entity.Explosive
void setYield (float yield)
float getYield ()
void setIsIncendiary (boolean isIncendiary)
boolean isIncendiary ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from org.bukkit.entity.Entity
Location getLocation ()
Location getLocation (Location loc)
void setVelocity (Vector velocity)
Vector getVelocity ()
boolean isOnGround ()
World getWorld ()
boolean teleport (Location location)
boolean teleport (Location location, TeleportCause cause)
boolean teleport (Entity destination)
boolean teleport (Entity destination, TeleportCause cause)
List< org.bukkit.entity.EntitygetNearbyEntities (double x, double y, double z)
int getEntityId ()
int getFireTicks ()
int getMaxFireTicks ()
void setFireTicks (int ticks)
void remove ()
boolean isDead ()
boolean isValid ()
Server getServer ()
abstract Entity getPassenger ()
abstract boolean setPassenger (Entity passenger)
abstract boolean isEmpty ()
abstract boolean eject ()
float getFallDistance ()
void setFallDistance (float distance)
void setLastDamageCause (EntityDamageEvent event)
EntityDamageEvent getLastDamageCause ()
UUID getUniqueId ()
int getTicksLived ()
void setTicksLived (int value)
void playEffect (EntityEffect type)
EntityType getType ()
boolean isInsideVehicle ()
boolean leaveVehicle ()
Entity getVehicle ()

Detailed Description

Represents a Primed TNT.

Definition at line 6 of file TNTPrimed.java.

Member Function Documentation

int org.bukkit.entity.TNTPrimed.getFuseTicks ( )

Retrieve the number of ticks until the explosion of this TNTPrimed entity

the number of ticks until this TNTPrimed explodes
Entity org.bukkit.entity.TNTPrimed.getSource ( )

Gets the source of this primed TNT. The source is the entity responsible for the creation of this primed TNT. (I.E. player ignites TNT with flint and steel.) Take note that this can be null if there is no suitable source. (created by the org.bukkit.World#spawn(Location, Class) method, for example.)

The source will become null if the chunk this primed TNT is in is unloaded then reloaded. If the source Entity becomes invalidated for any reason, such being removed from the world, the returned value will be null.

the source of this primed TNT
void org.bukkit.entity.TNTPrimed.setFuseTicks ( int  fuseTicks)

Set the number of ticks until the TNT blows up after being primed.

fuseTicksThe fuse ticks

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