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org.bukkit.UnsafeValues Interface Reference

Public Member Functions

Material getMaterialFromInternalName (String name)
List< String > tabCompleteInternalMaterialName (String token, List< String > completions)
ItemStack modifyItemStack (ItemStack stack, String arguments)
Statistic getStatisticFromInternalName (String name)
Achievement getAchievementFromInternalName (String name)
List< String > tabCompleteInternalStatisticOrAchievementName (String token, List< String > completions)

Detailed Description

This interface provides value conversions that may be specific to a runtime, or have arbitrary meaning (read: magic values).

Their existence and behavior is not guaranteed across future versions. They may be poorly named, throw exceptions, have misleading parameters, or any other bad programming practice.

This interface is unsupported and only for internal use.

Unsupported & internal use only

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