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org.bukkit.command.RemoteConsoleCommandSender Interface Reference
Inheritance diagram for org.bukkit.command.RemoteConsoleCommandSender:
org.bukkit.command.CommandSender org.bukkit.permissions.Permissible org.bukkit.permissions.ServerOperator

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from org.bukkit.command.CommandSender
void sendMessage (String message)
void sendMessage (String[] messages)
Server getServer ()
String getName ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from org.bukkit.permissions.Permissible
boolean isPermissionSet (String name)
boolean isPermissionSet (Permission perm)
boolean hasPermission (String name)
boolean hasPermission (Permission perm)
PermissionAttachment addAttachment (Plugin plugin, String name, boolean value)
PermissionAttachment addAttachment (Plugin plugin)
PermissionAttachment addAttachment (Plugin plugin, String name, boolean value, int ticks)
PermissionAttachment addAttachment (Plugin plugin, int ticks)
void removeAttachment (PermissionAttachment attachment)
void recalculatePermissions ()
Set< PermissionAttachmentInfogetEffectivePermissions ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from org.bukkit.permissions.ServerOperator
boolean isOp ()
void setOp (boolean value)

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