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org.bukkit.generator.BlockPopulator Class Referenceabstract

Public Member Functions

abstract void populate (World world, Random random, Chunk source)

Detailed Description

A block populator is responsible for generating a small area of blocks.

For example, generating glowstone inside the nether or generating dungeons full of treasure

Definition at line 13 of file BlockPopulator.java.

Member Function Documentation

abstract void org.bukkit.generator.BlockPopulator.populate ( World  world,
Random  random,
Chunk  source 

Populates an area of blocks at or around the given chunk.

The chunks on each side of the specified chunk must already exist; that is, there must be one north, east, south and west of the specified chunk. The "corner" chunks may not exist, in which scenario the populator should record any changes required for those chunks and perform the changes when they are ready.

worldThe world to generate in
randomThe random generator to use
sourceThe chunk to generate for

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