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org.bukkit.conversations.ConversationAbandonedEvent Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for org.bukkit.conversations.ConversationAbandonedEvent:

Public Member Functions

 ConversationAbandonedEvent (Conversation conversation)
 ConversationAbandonedEvent (Conversation conversation, ConversationCanceller canceller)
ConversationCanceller getCanceller ()
ConversationContext getContext ()
boolean gracefulExit ()

Detailed Description

ConversationAbandonedEvent contains information about an abandoned conversation.

Definition at line 9 of file ConversationAbandonedEvent.java.

Member Function Documentation

ConversationCanceller org.bukkit.conversations.ConversationAbandonedEvent.getCanceller ( )

Gets the object that caused the conversation to be abandoned.

The object that abandoned the conversation.

Definition at line 29 of file ConversationAbandonedEvent.java.

29  {
30  return canceller;
31  }
ConversationContext org.bukkit.conversations.ConversationAbandonedEvent.getContext ( )

Gets the abandoned conversation's conversation context.

The abandoned conversation's conversation context.

Definition at line 38 of file ConversationAbandonedEvent.java.

38  {
39  return context;
40  }
boolean org.bukkit.conversations.ConversationAbandonedEvent.gracefulExit ( )

Indicates how the conversation was abandoned - naturally as part of the prompt chain or prematurely via a ConversationCanceller.

True if the conversation is abandoned gracefully by a Prompt returning null or the next prompt. False of the conversations is abandoned prematurely by a ConversationCanceller.

Definition at line 50 of file ConversationAbandonedEvent.java.

50  {
51  return canceller == null;
52  }

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