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org.bukkit.help.HelpMap Interface Reference

Public Member Functions

HelpTopic getHelpTopic (String topicName)
Collection< HelpTopicgetHelpTopics ()
void addTopic (HelpTopic topic)
void clear ()
void registerHelpTopicFactory (Class<?> commandClass, HelpTopicFactory<?> factory)
List< String > getIgnoredPlugins ()

Detailed Description

The HelpMap tracks all help topics registered in a Bukkit server. When the server starts up or is reloaded, help is processed and topics are added in the following order:

  1. General topics are loaded from the help.yml
  2. Plugins load and optionally call
  3. Registered plugin commands are processed by HelpTopicFactory objects to create topics
  4. Topic contents are amended as directed in help.yml

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Member Function Documentation

void org.bukkit.help.HelpMap.addTopic ( HelpTopic  topic)

Adds a topic to the server's help index.

topicThe new help topic to add.
void org.bukkit.help.HelpMap.clear ( )

Clears out the contents of the help index. Normally called during server reload.

HelpTopic org.bukkit.help.HelpMap.getHelpTopic ( String  topicName)

Returns a help topic for a given topic name.

topicNameThe help topic name to look up.
A HelpTopic object matching the topic name or null if none can be found.
Collection<HelpTopic> org.bukkit.help.HelpMap.getHelpTopics ( )

Returns a collection of all the registered help topics.

All the registered help topics.
List<String> org.bukkit.help.HelpMap.getIgnoredPlugins ( )

Gets the list of plugins the server administrator has chosen to exclude from the help index. Plugin authors who choose to directly extend org.bukkit.command.Command instead of org.bukkit.command.PluginCommand will need to check this collection in their HelpTopicFactory implementations to ensure they meet the server administrator's expectations.

A list of plugins that should be excluded from the help index.
void org.bukkit.help.HelpMap.registerHelpTopicFactory ( Class<?>  commandClass,
HelpTopicFactory<?>  factory 

Associates a HelpTopicFactory object with given command base class. Plugins typically call this method during


. Once registered, the custom HelpTopicFactory will be used to create a custom HelpTopic for all commands deriving from the


base class, or all commands deriving from org.bukkit.command.PluginCommand who's executor derives from


base class.

commandClassThe class for which the custom HelpTopicFactory applies. Must derive from either org.bukkit.command.Command or org.bukkit.command.CommandExecutor.
factoryThe HelpTopicFactory implementation to associate with the
IllegalArgumentExceptionThrown if
does not derive from a legal base class.

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