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org.bukkit.permissions.PermissionAttachmentInfo Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 PermissionAttachmentInfo (Permissible permissible, String permission, PermissionAttachment attachment, boolean value)
Permissible getPermissible ()
String getPermission ()
PermissionAttachment getAttachment ()
boolean getValue ()

Detailed Description

Holds information on a permission and which PermissionAttachment provides it

Definition at line 7 of file PermissionAttachmentInfo.java.

Member Function Documentation

PermissionAttachment org.bukkit.permissions.PermissionAttachmentInfo.getAttachment ( )

Gets the attachment providing this permission. This may be null for default permissions (usually parent permissions).


Definition at line 50 of file PermissionAttachmentInfo.java.

50  {
51  return attachment;
52  }
Permissible org.bukkit.permissions.PermissionAttachmentInfo.getPermissible ( )

Gets the permissible this is attached to

Permissible this permission is for

Definition at line 31 of file PermissionAttachmentInfo.java.

31  {
32  return permissible;
33  }
String org.bukkit.permissions.PermissionAttachmentInfo.getPermission ( )

Gets the permission being set

Name of the permission

Definition at line 40 of file PermissionAttachmentInfo.java.

40  {
41  return permission;
42  }
boolean org.bukkit.permissions.PermissionAttachmentInfo.getValue ( )

Gets the value of this permission

Value of the permission

Definition at line 59 of file PermissionAttachmentInfo.java.

59  {
60  return value;
61  }

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