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org.bukkit.configuration.file.FileConfigurationTest Class Referenceabstract
Inheritance diagram for org.bukkit.configuration.file.FileConfigurationTest:
org.bukkit.configuration.MemoryConfigurationTest org.bukkit.configuration.ConfigurationTest org.bukkit.configuration.file.YamlConfigurationTest

Public Member Functions

abstract FileConfiguration getConfig ()
abstract String getTestValuesString ()
abstract String getTestHeaderInput ()
abstract String getTestHeaderResult ()
void testSave_File () throws Exception
void testSave_String () throws Exception
void testSaveToString ()
void testLoad_File () throws Exception
void testLoad_String () throws Exception
void testLoadFromString () throws Exception
void testSaveToStringWithHeader ()
void testParseHeader () throws Exception
void testCopyHeader () throws Exception
void testReloadEmptyConfig () throws Exception
- Public Member Functions inherited from org.bukkit.configuration.MemoryConfigurationTest
Configuration getConfig ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from org.bukkit.configuration.ConfigurationTest
abstract Configuration getConfig ()
Map< String, Object > getTestValues ()
void testAddDefault ()
void testAddDefaults_Map ()
void testAddDefaults_Configuration ()
void testSetDefaults ()
void testCreateSection ()
void testGetDefaults ()

Public Attributes

TemporaryFolder testFolder = new TemporaryFolder()

Detailed Description

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