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org.bukkit.inventory.FurnaceInventory Interface Reference
Inheritance diagram for org.bukkit.inventory.FurnaceInventory:

Public Member Functions

ItemStack getResult ()
ItemStack getFuel ()
ItemStack getSmelting ()
void setFuel (ItemStack stack)
void setResult (ItemStack stack)
void setSmelting (ItemStack stack)
Furnace getHolder ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from org.bukkit.inventory.Inventory
int getSize ()
int getMaxStackSize ()
void setMaxStackSize (int size)
String getName ()
ItemStack getItem (int index)
void setItem (int index, ItemStack item)
HashMap< Integer, ItemStackaddItem (ItemStack...items) throws IllegalArgumentException
HashMap< Integer, ItemStackremoveItem (ItemStack...items) throws IllegalArgumentException
ItemStack[] getContents ()
void setContents (ItemStack[] items) throws IllegalArgumentException
boolean contains (int materialId)
boolean contains (Material material) throws IllegalArgumentException
boolean contains (ItemStack item)
boolean contains (int materialId, int amount)
boolean contains (Material material, int amount) throws IllegalArgumentException
boolean contains (ItemStack item, int amount)
boolean containsAtLeast (ItemStack item, int amount)
HashMap< Integer,?extends ItemStackall (int materialId)
HashMap< Integer,?extends ItemStackall (Material material) throws IllegalArgumentException
HashMap< Integer,?extends ItemStackall (ItemStack item)
int first (int materialId)
int first (Material material) throws IllegalArgumentException
int first (ItemStack item)
int firstEmpty ()
void remove (int materialId)
void remove (Material material) throws IllegalArgumentException
void remove (ItemStack item)
void clear (int index)
void clear ()
List< HumanEntitygetViewers ()
String getTitle ()
InventoryType getType ()
ListIterator< ItemStackiterator ()
ListIterator< ItemStackiterator (int index)

Detailed Description

Interface to the inventory of a Furnace.

Definition at line 8 of file FurnaceInventory.java.

Member Function Documentation

ItemStack org.bukkit.inventory.FurnaceInventory.getFuel ( )

Get the current fuel.

The item
Furnace org.bukkit.inventory.FurnaceInventory.getHolder ( )

Gets the block or entity belonging to the open inventory

The holder of the inventory; null if it has no holder.

Implements org.bukkit.inventory.Inventory.

ItemStack org.bukkit.inventory.FurnaceInventory.getResult ( )

Get the current item in the result slot.

The item
ItemStack org.bukkit.inventory.FurnaceInventory.getSmelting ( )

Get the item currently smelting.

The item
void org.bukkit.inventory.FurnaceInventory.setFuel ( ItemStack  stack)

Set the current fuel.

stackThe item
void org.bukkit.inventory.FurnaceInventory.setResult ( ItemStack  stack)

Set the current item in the result slot.

stackThe item
void org.bukkit.inventory.FurnaceInventory.setSmelting ( ItemStack  stack)

Set the item currently smelting.

stackThe item

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