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org.bukkit.material.SimpleAttachableMaterialData Class Referenceabstract
Inheritance diagram for org.bukkit.material.SimpleAttachableMaterialData:
org.bukkit.material.MaterialData org.bukkit.material.Attachable org.bukkit.material.Directional org.bukkit.material.Button org.bukkit.material.Ladder org.bukkit.material.Lever org.bukkit.material.Torch org.bukkit.material.TrapDoor org.bukkit.material.TripwireHook org.bukkit.material.RedstoneTorch

Public Member Functions

 SimpleAttachableMaterialData (int type)
 SimpleAttachableMaterialData (int type, BlockFace direction)
 SimpleAttachableMaterialData (Material type, BlockFace direction)
 SimpleAttachableMaterialData (Material type)
 SimpleAttachableMaterialData (int type, byte data)
 SimpleAttachableMaterialData (Material type, byte data)
BlockFace getFacing ()
String toString ()
SimpleAttachableMaterialData clone ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from org.bukkit.material.MaterialData
 MaterialData (final int type)
 MaterialData (final Material type)
 MaterialData (final int type, final byte data)
 MaterialData (final Material type, final byte data)
byte getData ()
void setData (byte data)
Material getItemType ()
int getItemTypeId ()
ItemStack toItemStack ()
ItemStack toItemStack (int amount)
String toString ()
int hashCode ()
boolean equals (Object obj)
MaterialData clone ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from org.bukkit.material.Attachable
BlockFace getAttachedFace ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from org.bukkit.material.Directional
void setFacingDirection (BlockFace face)

Detailed Description

Simple utility class for attachable MaterialData subclasses

Definition at line 9 of file SimpleAttachableMaterialData.java.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

org.bukkit.material.SimpleAttachableMaterialData.SimpleAttachableMaterialData ( int  type)
Magic value

Definition at line 16 of file SimpleAttachableMaterialData.java.

16  {
17  super(type);
18  }
org.bukkit.material.SimpleAttachableMaterialData.SimpleAttachableMaterialData ( int  type,
byte  data 
Magic value

Definition at line 39 of file SimpleAttachableMaterialData.java.

39  {
40  super(type, data);
41  }
org.bukkit.material.SimpleAttachableMaterialData.SimpleAttachableMaterialData ( Material  type,
byte  data 
Magic value

Definition at line 48 of file SimpleAttachableMaterialData.java.

48  {
49  super(type, data);
50  }

Member Function Documentation

BlockFace org.bukkit.material.SimpleAttachableMaterialData.getFacing ( )

Gets the direction this block is facing

the direction this block is facing

Implements org.bukkit.material.Directional.

Definition at line 52 of file SimpleAttachableMaterialData.java.

References org.bukkit.material.Attachable.getAttachedFace().

52  {
53  BlockFace attachedFace = getAttachedFace();
54  return attachedFace == null ? null : attachedFace.getOppositeFace();
55  }

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