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org.bukkit.potion.PotionEffectTypeWrapper Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for org.bukkit.potion.PotionEffectTypeWrapper:

Public Member Functions

double getDurationModifier ()
String getName ()
PotionEffectType getType ()
boolean isInstant ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from org.bukkit.potion.PotionEffectType
PotionEffect createEffect (int duration, int amplifier)
abstract double getDurationModifier ()
int getId ()
abstract String getName ()
abstract boolean isInstant ()
boolean equals (Object obj)
int hashCode ()
String toString ()

Protected Member Functions

 PotionEffectTypeWrapper (int id)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from org.bukkit.potion.PotionEffectType
 PotionEffectType (int id)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from org.bukkit.potion.PotionEffectType
static PotionEffectType getById (int id)
static PotionEffectType getByName (String name)
static void registerPotionEffectType (PotionEffectType type)
static void stopAcceptingRegistrations ()
static PotionEffectType[] values ()
- Static Public Attributes inherited from org.bukkit.potion.PotionEffectType
static final PotionEffectType SPEED = new PotionEffectTypeWrapper(1)
static final PotionEffectType SLOW = new PotionEffectTypeWrapper(2)
static final PotionEffectType FAST_DIGGING = new PotionEffectTypeWrapper(3)
static final PotionEffectType SLOW_DIGGING = new PotionEffectTypeWrapper(4)
static final PotionEffectType INCREASE_DAMAGE = new PotionEffectTypeWrapper(5)
static final PotionEffectType HEAL = new PotionEffectTypeWrapper(6)
static final PotionEffectType HARM = new PotionEffectTypeWrapper(7)
static final PotionEffectType JUMP = new PotionEffectTypeWrapper(8)
static final PotionEffectType CONFUSION = new PotionEffectTypeWrapper(9)
static final PotionEffectType REGENERATION = new PotionEffectTypeWrapper(10)
static final PotionEffectType DAMAGE_RESISTANCE = new PotionEffectTypeWrapper(11)
static final PotionEffectType FIRE_RESISTANCE = new PotionEffectTypeWrapper(12)
static final PotionEffectType WATER_BREATHING = new PotionEffectTypeWrapper(13)
static final PotionEffectType INVISIBILITY = new PotionEffectTypeWrapper(14)
static final PotionEffectType BLINDNESS = new PotionEffectTypeWrapper(15)
static final PotionEffectType NIGHT_VISION = new PotionEffectTypeWrapper(16)
static final PotionEffectType HUNGER = new PotionEffectTypeWrapper(17)
static final PotionEffectType WEAKNESS = new PotionEffectTypeWrapper(18)
static final PotionEffectType POISON = new PotionEffectTypeWrapper(19)
static final PotionEffectType WITHER = new PotionEffectTypeWrapper(20)
static final PotionEffectType HEALTH_BOOST = new PotionEffectTypeWrapper(21)
static final PotionEffectType ABSORPTION = new PotionEffectTypeWrapper(22)
static final PotionEffectType SATURATION = new PotionEffectTypeWrapper(23)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 3 of file PotionEffectTypeWrapper.java.

Member Function Documentation

PotionEffectType org.bukkit.potion.PotionEffectTypeWrapper.getType ( )

Get the potion type bound to this wrapper.

The potion effect type

Definition at line 23 of file PotionEffectTypeWrapper.java.

References org.bukkit.potion.PotionEffectType.getById(), and org.bukkit.potion.PotionEffectType.getId().

23  {
24  return PotionEffectType.getById(getId());
25  }

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