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org.bukkit.inventory.meta.FireworkMeta Interface Reference
Inheritance diagram for org.bukkit.inventory.meta.FireworkMeta:
org.bukkit.inventory.meta.ItemMeta org.bukkit.configuration.serialization.ConfigurationSerializable

Public Member Functions

void addEffect (FireworkEffect effect) throws IllegalArgumentException
void addEffects (FireworkEffect...effects) throws IllegalArgumentException
void addEffects (Iterable< FireworkEffect > effects) throws IllegalArgumentException
List< FireworkEffectgetEffects ()
int getEffectsSize ()
void removeEffect (int index) throws IndexOutOfBoundsException
void clearEffects ()
boolean hasEffects ()
int getPower ()
void setPower (int power) throws IllegalArgumentException
FireworkMeta clone ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from org.bukkit.inventory.meta.ItemMeta
boolean hasDisplayName ()
String getDisplayName ()
void setDisplayName (String name)
boolean hasLore ()
List< String > getLore ()
void setLore (List< String > lore)
boolean hasEnchants ()
boolean hasEnchant (Enchantment ench)
int getEnchantLevel (Enchantment ench)
Map< Enchantment, Integer > getEnchants ()
boolean addEnchant (Enchantment ench, int level, boolean ignoreLevelRestriction)
boolean removeEnchant (Enchantment ench)
boolean hasConflictingEnchant (Enchantment ench)
- Public Member Functions inherited from org.bukkit.configuration.serialization.ConfigurationSerializable
Map< String, Object > serialize ()

Detailed Description

Represents a Material#FIREWORK and its effects.

Definition at line 11 of file FireworkMeta.java.

Member Function Documentation

void org.bukkit.inventory.meta.FireworkMeta.addEffect ( FireworkEffect  effect) throws IllegalArgumentException

Add another effect to this firework.

effectThe firework effect to add
IllegalArgumentExceptionIf effect is null
void org.bukkit.inventory.meta.FireworkMeta.addEffects ( FireworkEffect...  effects) throws IllegalArgumentException

Add several effects to this firework.

effectsThe firework effects to add
IllegalArgumentExceptionIf effects is null
IllegalArgumentExceptionIf any effect is null (may be thrown after changes have occurred)
void org.bukkit.inventory.meta.FireworkMeta.addEffects ( Iterable< FireworkEffect effects) throws IllegalArgumentException

Add several firework effects to this firework.

effectsAn iterable object whose iterator yields the desired firework effects
IllegalArgumentExceptionIf effects is null
IllegalArgumentExceptionIf any effect is null (may be thrown after changes have occurred)
void org.bukkit.inventory.meta.FireworkMeta.clearEffects ( )

Remove all effects from this firework.

List<FireworkEffect> org.bukkit.inventory.meta.FireworkMeta.getEffects ( )

Get the effects in this firework.

An immutable list of the firework effects
int org.bukkit.inventory.meta.FireworkMeta.getEffectsSize ( )

Get the number of effects in this firework.

The number of effects
int org.bukkit.inventory.meta.FireworkMeta.getPower ( )

Gets the approximate height the firework will fly.

approximate flight height of the firework.
boolean org.bukkit.inventory.meta.FireworkMeta.hasEffects ( )

Get whether this firework has any effects.

true if it has effects, false if there are no effects
void org.bukkit.inventory.meta.FireworkMeta.removeEffect ( int  index) throws IndexOutOfBoundsException

Remove an effect from this firework.

indexThe index of the effect to remove
IndexOutOfBoundsExceptionIf index < 0 or index > getEffectsSize()
void org.bukkit.inventory.meta.FireworkMeta.setPower ( int  power) throws IllegalArgumentException

Sets the approximate power of the firework. Each level of power is half a second of flight time.

powerthe power of the firework, from 0-128
IllegalArgumentExceptionif height<0 or height>128

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