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org.bukkit.entity.ThrownPotion Interface Reference
Inheritance diagram for org.bukkit.entity.ThrownPotion:
org.bukkit.entity.Projectile org.bukkit.entity.Entity org.bukkit.metadata.Metadatable

Public Member Functions

Collection< PotionEffectgetEffects ()
ItemStack getItem ()
void setItem (ItemStack item)
- Public Member Functions inherited from org.bukkit.entity.Projectile
LivingEntity _INVALID_getShooter ()
ProjectileSource getShooter ()
void _INVALID_setShooter (LivingEntity shooter)
void setShooter (ProjectileSource source)
boolean doesBounce ()
void setBounce (boolean doesBounce)
- Public Member Functions inherited from org.bukkit.entity.Entity
Location getLocation ()
Location getLocation (Location loc)
void setVelocity (Vector velocity)
Vector getVelocity ()
boolean isOnGround ()
World getWorld ()
boolean teleport (Location location)
boolean teleport (Location location, TeleportCause cause)
boolean teleport (Entity destination)
boolean teleport (Entity destination, TeleportCause cause)
List< org.bukkit.entity.EntitygetNearbyEntities (double x, double y, double z)
int getEntityId ()
int getFireTicks ()
int getMaxFireTicks ()
void setFireTicks (int ticks)
void remove ()
boolean isDead ()
boolean isValid ()
Server getServer ()
abstract Entity getPassenger ()
abstract boolean setPassenger (Entity passenger)
abstract boolean isEmpty ()
abstract boolean eject ()
float getFallDistance ()
void setFallDistance (float distance)
void setLastDamageCause (EntityDamageEvent event)
EntityDamageEvent getLastDamageCause ()
UUID getUniqueId ()
int getTicksLived ()
void setTicksLived (int value)
void playEffect (EntityEffect type)
EntityType getType ()
boolean isInsideVehicle ()
boolean leaveVehicle ()
Entity getVehicle ()

Detailed Description

Represents a thrown potion bottle

Definition at line 11 of file ThrownPotion.java.

Member Function Documentation

Collection<PotionEffect> org.bukkit.entity.ThrownPotion.getEffects ( )

Returns the effects that are applied by this potion.

The potion effects
ItemStack org.bukkit.entity.ThrownPotion.getItem ( )

Returns a copy of the ItemStack for this thrown potion.

Altering this copy will not alter the thrown potion directly. If you want to alter the thrown potion, you must use the setItemStack method.

A copy of the ItemStack for this thrown potion.
void org.bukkit.entity.ThrownPotion.setItem ( ItemStack  item)

Set the ItemStack for this thrown potion.

The ItemStack must be a potion, otherwise an exception is thrown.

itemNew ItemStack

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