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org.bukkit.conversations.Conversable Interface Reference
Inheritance diagram for org.bukkit.conversations.Conversable:
org.bukkit.command.ConsoleCommandSender org.bukkit.conversations.FakeConversable org.bukkit.entity.Player

Public Member Functions

boolean isConversing ()
void acceptConversationInput (String input)
boolean beginConversation (Conversation conversation)
void abandonConversation (Conversation conversation)
void abandonConversation (Conversation conversation, ConversationAbandonedEvent details)
void sendRawMessage (String message)

Detailed Description

The Conversable interface is used to indicate objects that can have conversations.

Definition at line 9 of file Conversable.java.

Member Function Documentation

void org.bukkit.conversations.Conversable.abandonConversation ( Conversation  conversation)

Abandons an active conversation.

conversationThe conversation to abandon

Implemented in org.bukkit.conversations.FakeConversable.

Referenced by org.bukkit.conversations.Conversation.abandon().

void org.bukkit.conversations.Conversable.abandonConversation ( Conversation  conversation,
ConversationAbandonedEvent  details 

Abandons an active conversation.

conversationThe conversation to abandon
detailsDetails about why the conversation was abandoned

Implemented in org.bukkit.conversations.FakeConversable.

void org.bukkit.conversations.Conversable.acceptConversationInput ( String  input)

Accepts input into the active conversation. If no conversation is in progress, this method does nothing.

inputThe input message into the conversation

Implemented in org.bukkit.conversations.FakeConversable.

boolean org.bukkit.conversations.Conversable.beginConversation ( Conversation  conversation)

Enters into a dialog with a Conversation object.

conversationThe conversation to begin
True if the conversation should proceed, false if it has been enqueued

Implemented in org.bukkit.conversations.FakeConversable.

Referenced by org.bukkit.conversations.Conversation.begin().

boolean org.bukkit.conversations.Conversable.isConversing ( )

Tests to see of a Conversable object is actively engaged in a conversation.

True if a conversation is in progress

Implemented in org.bukkit.conversations.FakeConversable.

void org.bukkit.conversations.Conversable.sendRawMessage ( String  message)

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