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org.bukkit.BanList Interface Reference


enum  Type

Public Member Functions

BanEntry getBanEntry (String target)
BanEntry addBan (String target, String reason, Date expires, String source)
Set< BanEntrygetBanEntries ()
boolean isBanned (String target)
void pardon (String target)

Detailed Description

A ban list, containing bans of some Type.

Definition at line 9 of file BanList.java.

Member Function Documentation

BanEntry org.bukkit.BanList.addBan ( String  target,
String  reason,
Date  expires,
String  source 

Adds a ban to the this list. If a previous ban exists, this will update the previous entry.

targetthe target of the ban
reasonreason for the ban, null indicates implementation default
expiresdate for the ban's expiration (unban), or null to imply forever
sourcesource of the ban, null indicates implementation default
the entry for the newly created ban, or the entry for the (updated) previous ban
Set<BanEntry> org.bukkit.BanList.getBanEntries ( )

Gets a set containing every BanEntry in this list.

an immutable set containing every entry tracked by this list
BanEntry org.bukkit.BanList.getBanEntry ( String  target)

Gets a BanEntry by target.

targetentry parameter to search for
the corresponding entry, or null if none found
boolean org.bukkit.BanList.isBanned ( String  target)

Gets if a BanEntry exists for the target, indicating an active ban status.

targetthe target to find
true if a BanEntry exists for the name, indicating an active ban status, false otherwise
void org.bukkit.BanList.pardon ( String  target)

Removes the specified target from this list, therefore indicating a "not banned" status.

targetthe target to remove from this list

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