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org.bukkit.inventory.meta.Repairable Interface Reference

Public Member Functions

boolean hasRepairCost ()
int getRepairCost ()
void setRepairCost (int cost)
Repairable clone ()

Detailed Description

Represents an item that can be repaired at an anvil.

Definition at line 6 of file Repairable.java.

Member Function Documentation

int org.bukkit.inventory.meta.Repairable.getRepairCost ( )

Gets the repair penalty

the repair penalty
boolean org.bukkit.inventory.meta.Repairable.hasRepairCost ( )

Checks to see if this has a repair penalty

true if this has a repair penalty
void org.bukkit.inventory.meta.Repairable.setRepairCost ( int  cost)

Sets the repair penalty

costrepair penalty

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